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Commercial Truck Accidents And Its’ Consecuences

Some vehicles are not only perfect for getting us to the necessary destination – they are well fit for transporting heavy cargos from one place to another. Trucks are necessary for our commercial infrastructure – they deliver goods and materials to the sellers, they assist in construction and are designed for a huge variety of tasks. Still, at times, commercial trucks can pose a real danger. After all, some trucks are carrying dangerous cargo such as some kind of inflammable substances. At times, when you see a truck with the words “Caution: Inflammable Materials”, your heart drops for a moment as you imagine what kind of disastrous consequences may the crush of this truck lead to.

At times, the trucks with dangerous substances crash. This happens due to a number of reasons. Furthermore, even a commercial truck that is not currently transporting anything dangerous, may still cause a tragic truck accident. Just imagine a huge truck crashing into another vehicle or losing control and winding off the road and into something inflammable. Sure enough, the consequences would be lethal for the driver and the people surrounding him. Unfortunately, the official statistical data demonstrates that such truck accidents are not a rare occurrence and that trucks crash all the time. So, what causes those accidents and how will we be able to prevent them from occurring in the future?

Commercial truck accidents happen and there are certain situations when you cannot do absolutely anything about it. However, according to the above-mentioned statistical data, most commercial trucks crash because their drivers lost the control over their vehicles. Hence, an obvious conclusion arises – some companies and businesses do not really care about training genuinely skillful drivers. They hire people from the street and do not even bother to test their skills. This is a very important factor and a large problem for the modern society.

Some companies rush the drivers so badly that they are forced to drive without rest. Sure enough, even the most skillful and highly trained professional can lose control over his vehicle after a certain time without sleep. Corporate greed can lead to some truly tragic consequences. Finally, some companies do not bother to check the technical condition of their commercial trucks and wish to save some money by letting them drive around without any repairs for as long as it is possible.

In most cases, those companies should be held responsible for the tragic accidents that take place all over the nation. If that is the case and you or your loved ones were injured during a commercial truck accident and you seek justice and compensation for your suffering, we simply cannot help but recommend you to definitely get in touch with a qualified as well as experienced lawyer at the earliest opportunity. He will be able to review your case and will provide all the legal assistance that will help you acquire desired results.

Wrongful Death of MC Supreme Case

In case you are a fan of 90s rap, you surely know a very popular song “Black in America” performed by the famous MC Supreme – a great rapper, whose skills and talents were easily compared with Snoop Dog, 50 cents and other great performers. Unfortunately, on Saturday, June 13, MC Supreme, whose real name was Dewayne Lawrence Coleman, was killed in a car accident that occurred along a stretch of the Pacific Coast highway, Malibu, California.

Mr. Coleman was inside the vehicle that he parked along with a female passenger. They were suddenly hit by a pickup truck. The truck was driven by 34 years old Philip Torres II. The impact was so strong that it moved the vehicle further, hitting another car with two other passengers inside and then onto the embankment. Mr. Coleman, who was only 47 years old, was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident. His female passenger was hospitalized with severe injuries. Passengers in the second car that was hit in the accident were uninjured. Philip Torres II was arrested by the law enforcement officers. He is suspected in driving under the influence as well as vehicular manslaughter. In turn, he sustained only several minor injuries.

After the accident, the family of the deceased Mr. Coleman filed a wrongful death legal lawsuit. Bobby Saadian – an experienced attorney, who had the following to say about the accident: “It is a sad and difficult time for every family, following the death of a loved one. Mr. Coleman was deeply loved by his family, a family who are now devastated by his passing. It is not an easy thing that they are going through, but I am glad that we, myself and my firm, can be there for them as we pursue justice in this unjust circumstance.”

As for the case, the lawyer stated: “Our firm will do everything we can to hold Mr. Torres accountable for his negligent actions. Further, we will also be holding local and state officials for their failure to reasonably address the unsafe conditions of the roadway where the accident took place. This stretch of highway is notoriously dangerous and was a contributing factor to the fatal outcome of the crash.” Speaking of the roadway, the simple fact is that this stretch of road has needed fixing for years. The city knows this, and has failed to address it. Mr. Coleman’s death is a true tragedy for his family and all his fans worldwide. He was a truly talented individual, who had a great career back in the 90s and who was devoted to his fans with all his heart. The car accident took the life of a skillful as well as truly amazing individual and great performer and the nation will mourn this loss.

The person responsible – Mr. Torres will be held responsible for the death of MC Supreme as well as for driving under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs. He will also be held accountable for vehicular manslaughter. Hopefully, the state’s officials will also admit their wrongdoing and will do something about that dangerous part of the road at the earliest opportunity.

The Dangers of Sleepy Driving

Despite the fact that cars and trucks represent the most convenient means of transportation, it is still hard to deny that getting behind the wheel is always risky as you may never know what kind of dangers may be waiting for you down the road. It is, however, very important to follow some simple rules so as not to end up in an unpleasant or even life threatening situation. The majority of people know very well that driving under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs is very dangerous, just as texting while driving is. However, not all of us realize that drowsiness and sleepy driving in general can be even more dangerous and may well produce a serious accident on the road that will affect the driver and everyone surrounding him. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) conducted a serious of experiments and gathered some very peculiar statistical facts. According to this research, a substantial number of drivers in Texas is often driving in a sleepy condition and at the very least a third of them produced a serious car accident, where people were injured or even killed.

When getting behind the wheel, the driver must be 100% concentrated on the road. His attention must be focused on his driving and his mind should be sharp so as to quickly react to any unforeseen circumstances. However, even if you will close your eyes for mere seconds, you can lose control over the vehicle and produce a serious car accident. Just think about it – with the speed that you are driving, every second you pass substantial distance and during this time you represent a very big danger for the drivers around you as well as for yourself. It is quite easy to recognize the very first symptoms of drowsiness. You may begin to yawn, blink very quickly, miss the lights and the exits and even drift between the lanes. Most people believe that if they will turn the air conditioner on, open the windows or turn up the radio volume, the sleep will go away. In truth, all these measures are temporary. The only actual resolution in this kind of situation would be to pull over somewhere safe and rest for a while. We all live in a very fast-paced society, where just about everyone and everything is constantly rushing somewhere, so resting is rarely a real option.

Falling asleep is not punishable by law – it is not illegal to begin with. Nevertheless, in case you will cause a car accident because you have fallen asleep while driving, the prosecution may well charge you with negligent actions and this fact will seriously affect the overall sentence in general. It is very important for every single driver to understand that driving in a sleepy condition is just as dangerous as texting behind the wheel as well as driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Regardless of what kind of hurry you may be in, you should still think about other people, who surround you on the road. Your negligence and your mistakes may well cost them their lives. Still, we all make mistakes, since no person is perfect and if you have fallen asleep while driving and caused a car accident, it is important to get in touch with a good lawyer so as to get all the legal defense you can get. An experience attorney will be able to alleviate the sentence and will help you deal with all the legal consequences.

Who Should Be Responsible For Notifying Patients About Drug Recall?

The problem is huge when it comes to the pharmaceutical industry. Some drugs that are meant to help people, are in fact endangering their health and well being and people do not even know why they may be suffering from various health conditions to begin with. One of the more recent as well as renown examples of such disregard from the part of the manufacturing company is without any doubts the methotrexate accident, after which Mylan – the manufacturing corporation, launched a voluntary recall of the drug from the stores. The drug is used to treat cancer as well as various autoimmune diseases. It is relatively popular due to its cost and a lot of people prefer to use this remedy instead of some more expensive alternatives. However, even though Mylan did launch a voluntary recall, they did not eve issue an official apology and certainly did not compensate their clients. This is a serious problem, especially seeing that Mylan is a large manufacturer that produces a large number of remedies that are being used by thousands of people.

The real question is – who should be responsible for drug recall? Who should notify the clients about the unsafe drugs and what kind of compensation should be issued by the manufacturer in the first place? Sure enough, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is getting in touch with all the major retailers and suppliers to warn them about the recall. However, actual patients are rarely contacted about the matter, which is a very big mistake, seeing that namely these people are most likely to suffer from the actions of the pharmaceutical companies.

Drug manufacturers, just like the car manufacturers should always put the safety of their clients above all else. Sadly, profits come first in most cases. One way or another, in case you suffered the consequences of taking the drug that was later recalled from the market, it is very important to get in touch with a qualified attorney that would be able to represent you in the court of law. Indeed, in case you expect some kind of compensation from the manufacturer and are inclined to get the most from it, do not hesitate to contact a lawyer, who has substantial experience in the matter and who will be able to use his professional skills in order to help you get the money you deserve. A qualified attorney will gather all the necessary evidence and will take it to court in order to make the party that is responsible for the problem, admit its wrongdoing and pay the legal price.

Hence, if a drug manufacturer refuses to provide you with the compensation you deserve, we recommend you to contact experienced personal injury lawyers and you will surely not be disappointed. It is a very important matter and you must not let it slide. After all, it is your health and well being that we are now talking about.

Dangers Of Hasty Driving

It is very important to be aware of the road and to follow all the rules in order to avoid creating an accident that may well cost someone his or her life. The statistical data is actually quite depressing – more and more car wrecks take place on a year to year basis. This is due to a large number of factors, such as driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, not paying enough attention to the road, negligence, disregard and so on. It is important to keep all the rules in mind, even if you are in a terrible hurry. Some of us tend to forget about those rules whenever they are in a hurry. Yes, we all know that feeling when we are late for work or a family gathering. We tend to speed up, we neglect the traffic lights and we do not think about the awful consequences that this kind of driving may well produce.

Indeed, even if you are starting to hurry from the get go, in the parking lot, you can still cause a lot of trouble. After all, it is really difficult to notice a person among all those cars and you can accidentally hit him or her. Besides, you can also damage some other car and so on. Some people tend to speed up even though the traffic light is still yellow. They are mistaken when thinking that they will be able to make it on time. Some pedestrians or bicyclist also consider that it is their time and the driver may well cause a dangerous situation, injure or even kill other people. Moreover, some people are speeding on a highway, motivating it with the standard “go with the flow” excuse. However, instead of becoming a part of the organized traffic, those drivers are actually creating difficult road situations that may well lead to a car accident.

Regardless of how late you may be, regardless of where you need to go, be sure to always keep the rules in mind and never speed up, never be hasty – this may well cost you, lives of your passengers and people around you. Being late for work is not as crucial and family dinner will wait for you for a while longer. You must learn how to control your emotions and basic instincts. Driving a car requires patience as well as undivided attention. Otherwise, you risk creating a dangerous situation, a car accident that may affect other’s well being or even take their lives. Would you rather do so or simply be patient and wait like most of other people? Any situation can wait when you are sitting behind the wheel and there can be nothing more important than safe driving at the moment. Therefore, regardless of where you need to go and how fast you will need to get there, remember the rules, stick to all the regulations and you will surely never regret it. Make the roads safer for yourself and everyone else through your actions.

Staged Car Accidents And How To Avoid Them

It is important to remember that every road is a dangerous place. The official statistical data is very depressing – hundreds of thousands of people lose their lives in numerous car accidents. There is a number of reasons as to why these accidents happen. Some people do not pay enough attention to the road and what is happening around them. Others are too negligent and do not follow the rules and regulations. These accidents are tragic but not intentional. On the other hand, you will be surprise to learn how many people are actually prepared to stage a car accident in order to get your insurance money. Yes, although it may seem unbelievable, some scammers do not have any moral principles and they are prepared to do anything in order to get some quick cash.

Some crooks cause minor accidents, but demand huge compensation for supposed damages. Other scammers are not afraid of staging bigger accident, with injuries or even to lethal end. They are even able to find “witnesses”, who just happened to be at the scene and who “saw” how you rammed the scammers. Of course, all these people are immoral offenders, who should not be allowed to roam around the roads freely. If you want to protect yourself from these scammers, you should first learn more about the actual types of accidents that are caused by them:

– The so-called T-bone Accidents. At an intersection, the scammers are going to wait for you to make your legal turn and then will quickly ram into your car, causing a T-bone accident. When the police arrives at the scene, some planted witnesses will claim that you were speeding up or disregarded the traffic lights.
– The so-called Swoop and Squat. A car driver suddenly pulls over, causing a rear-end collision. Sure enough, the scammer will claim that you were the one, who rammed him or her, even though the crash was staged at a very low speed.
– The so-called Drive Down. When you are switching the lanes, a driver may wave at you, telling you to merge into one. Once you begin switching, the driver will ram you. Afterwards, the scammer is going to claim that you were merging in an unsafe manner.
– The so-called Sideswipe. A scammer may intentionally sideswipe you when you are in the inner lane of a dual left-turn lane.

Most of the above-mentioned situations may end up very badly for you, since it is very difficult to prove that the accident was actually staged, especially if there are witnesses on the scene, who claim otherwise. Still, you can avoid these accidents if you are going to stick to some simple rules. First of all, be sure to assess the situation on the road at all times; never tailgate other cars; do not be fooled by the overly friendly drivers; make sure to call the law enforcement officers on the scene of the accident at once; record as much as you can with your phone or camera at the place of the accident; if you believe that you were scammed, do not be afraid to say so to the police; do not settle the accident with cash on the scene; do not allow a stranger take you to some doctor or attorney that you do not know or trust.

If you have actual reasons to believe that you were scammed, do not hesitate to get in touch with a professional lawyer at the earliest opportunity. Only will he know how to help you and how to prove your innocence in the court of law. Make sure you find an experienced attorney, who knows how to deal with staged accidents. This way, you will be able to get the compensation you deserve and to punish the scammers in accordance with law.

How Dangerous Is Sleep Apnea And Drowsy Driving

Vehicles are very important and it is hard not to notice all the advantages that they provide. We all know how many car accidents happen every year and how many lives are lost on the roads. Regardless of how safe your vehicle may look, nothing can save you from a horrifying impact that a car accident may induce. It is very important to follow all the road rules and regulations in order to avoid extreme situations that endanger your health and wellbeing as well as the wellness of others around you.

We all know about the dangers of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. However, a lot of people often disregard another kind of risk that may easily be even more dangerous. We are talking about sleep apnea and drowsy driving. When you are getting behind the wheel, it is vital to remain ever vigilant and attentive, focus on your driving and not to think about anything else. People, who are suffering from the sleep apnea, pay much less attention to the road and can slip into slumber at any moment, without having any control over it.

Were you aware that CDC actually claimed sleep apnea to be an epidemic, since one out of five Americans is likely to be suffering from it. Even if you believe that you do not have sleep apnea, it is still best to visit a healthcare professional in order to know for sure. After all, if there are any signs of this condition, you should go through the immediate treatment in order to neutralize its effects. Thankfully, sleep apnea can be successfully treated and you will not have to take on any risks when driving.

It is important to remember that driving in a drowsy condition is similar to driving while being drunk or high on drugs. Yes, it is that dangerous. If you are not thinking about your life or the lives of your passengers, think about all the people, who surround you on the road and you will realize that your dangerous behavior may well cost them their lives. Therefore, before getting behind the wheel, make sure to get enough sleep and rest properly in order to avoid any unpleasant consequences. If you have sleep apnea, make sure that you treat it properly. Finally, in case you were in a car accident that was caused by a driver, who has sleep apnea, you can and you should demand compensation for any kind of damages that you have suffered from. To do so, hire a qualified attorney with lots of experience and you will get the money that you deserve in full as well as within the very least amount of time possible.

Needing To Pee – A Serious Distraction For A Driver

Thousands of car accidents take hundreds of thousands of human lives on a year to year basis. There are certain rules on the road that some people tend not to follow, due to a number of their very own reasons. And even if you know about the dangers of texting while driving or talking on the phone while sitting behind the wheel, chances are, you have no idea about how much of distraction wanting to pee can be on the road. Numerous scientific studies have already proven that needing to pee while driving can be even more distracting than most of the other factors combined. After all, whenever your bladder is full, there is nothing else you could think about. The pain and discomfort occupy your thoughts and you do not pay as much attention to the road in front of you. Indeed, this is not the kind of pain that you can just stop thinking about – it is consistent and you will not be able to bare it for too long.

In case you want to pee while driving, you are much more likely to make certain mistakes that may endanger your life as well as the lives of people around you. Some people speed up, neglect the traffic lights and are not thinking about the consequences, since their primary instinct is to empty their bladder as soon as it is possible. Hence, a lot of car accidents happen due to the simple fact that one of the drivers was way too busy thinking about peeing and did not pay enough attention to the road in front of him.

In case you are planning a long road trip and are going to drive for several hours without end, make sure to visit the restroom first. Even if you do not want to pee at the time, do not hesitate to do so in order to avoid any inconvenience on the road. In addition, try and not to drink a lot of coffee or soda while you are driving. This will make you want to pee even more and you will be forced to face the consequences. Finally, make sure to make short stops at the gas stations or convenience stores and do not forget to use the bathroom while you are at it. Even though it may sound ridiculous, using the bathroom at the right time may literally save your life and the lives of other drivers around you.

If you were in a car accident and you have actual reasons to believe that the driver that hit you was too busy thinking about emptying his bladder, do not hesitate to get in touch with a qualified attorney at the earliest opportunity. After all, you have the right to demand compensation for any kind of damages and you will be correct, since one should not be distracted by such factors as wanting to pee on the road. Be mindful and cautious at all time.

Know The Dangers Of Public Eating Places

We all enjoy a very special and exotic meal from time to time. Nevertheless, we do live in a very fast-paced society, where just about every single one of us is constantly hastening somewhere, trying to deal with his or her problems. Therefore, it is only natural that most people simply cannot afford to spend their time cooking or perhaps are way too tired to do so. That is one of many reasons why people choose to go to the restaurants, where professional cooks will be more than happy to prepare fresh and tasty meals for them.

Even though most people do not realize it, but nearly any restaurant may well be filled with various dangers that can affect your health or wellbeing in a very negative way. Therefore, you should learn of some of the risks and try to avoid it at any costs. First of all, do not forget that most restaurants are situated in constrained spaces and a lot of people are often carrying food and drinks around, so be sure to tread carefully so as not to slip and injure yourself in the fall. In addition, at times, food that is served in some restaurants is just way too hot and it can burn your tongue or some other vital areas. The staff members should warn you about the hot food in order to ensure that you do not hurt yourself.

The cooks in any restaurant have to make sure that your food was prepared properly and it can easily be swallowed and chewed. Inedible foreign objects in your food are definitely unacceptable and there should always be a staff member around that is particularly trained to deal with the choking hazards. Any food in a restaurant must be fresh, properly stored and clean. Any instruments that the cooks use to prepare your food should also be sanitized properly. This is also a crucial point, since rotten ingredients may well cause a severe food poisoning that will end up badly for everyone involved. Pointy or sharp knives and other types of utensils can be a hazard for some people, especially if the staff members were so negligent as to not warn you about the danger.

The food prepared in a restaurant should not come in any contact with any allergens that may easily cause an allergic reaction. Any food should be prepared in sanitized conditions and the restaurants’ menu must not include any meals that include common allergens. Since the food is largely prepared on open flame, it is very important for the restaurant management to adhere to all the safety measures in order to avoid any fire hazards. Safety exits must be positioned as planned, in accordance with the fire safety.

Some waiters are not properly trained and can spill hot liquid on you, causing injuries and ruining your clothes. As you can see, there is a large number of dangers that may well affect your health and well being in an incredibly negative way. Still, even if you were unfortunate enough to become a victim of any of the above-mentioned issues, do not hesitate to get in touch with a professional Houston personal injury lawyer in order to demand the rightful compensation for your suffering. Restaurant owners must be brought to justice and you must get the money that you truly deserve. It is important to hire an experienced lawyer, who is familiar with such cases and who will be able to provide you with all the legal advice and assistance you may require.

Animal Bites – What Should You Do If a Dog Bites You

Every year in America thousands of people are bitten by animals, especially dogs. Many of these incidents can result in severe injury for the victim which leads to medical bills and subsequently, mental stress. Thankfully, in many animal bite cases, the victim does have a legal right to pursue damages for the injuries sustained in the attack. If you or someone you know has suffered from an animal bite, you need the legal advice of a licensed personal injury attorney in your area. The Gomez Law Firm is based in Houston, Texas and can guide you through the legal process and make your options clear to you. With over sixteen years experience in this field, we know what it takes to successfully win a case such as this.

The Steps you Should Take Immediately Following a Bite

If you encounter an aggressive animal and the worst case scenario occurs i.e. you are bitten, there are a number of steps you should take:

• Seek medical attention – Even if the damage seems negligible, you run the risk of being infected which could lead to serious health consequences.
• Consult an experienced attorney – Depending on the circumstances of the attack, an attorney will be able to evaluate your case and tell you if a compensation claim can be made and which damages you may be able to recover.
• Provide evidence and a contact number or address – Evidence is important and the more you can provide, the better your chances of success when pursuing a claim. At the very least, you should provide the contact details of the animal’s owner. Witnesses are also valuable in these cases.

If you take the aforementioned steps, your chances of making a successful legal claim for damages will increase tenfold, especially if the attorney you hire is experienced in these cases.

Owner Liability for Dog or Other Animal Bites

When deciding who is responsible for the animal which attacked you, the most important criterion to fulfill is to determine who the owner of the animal is. This is paramount and in many states, due to the “strict liability” law, is enough to hold the owner liable for the attack – even if the owner tried to intervene. In some states, however, the law differs slightly in that the owner can only be held liable if the owner was aware of the danger posed by their animal yet still put others at risk.

Proving that the owner knew of the animal’s propensity to attack can be difficult, however. In this case, it is wise to enlist the aid of an experienced and aggressive personal injury attorney such as Attorney Gomez of the Gomez Law Firm who has litigated thousands of similar cases and even had the valuable experience of arguing before the Supreme Court.

Other Parties that Might be Held Responsible

It is not just animal owners who can be held liable for animal bites, however. There are other scenarios which could arise wherein someone other than the animal’s owner could be held responsible:

•The Property Owner – If a property owner allowed an animal onto his property and the animal then attacked someone, that owner can then be held liable.
• Landlords – If the owner of an apartment knew that their tenant owned an animal with dangerous propensities, yet still allowed the animal onto the premises they could also be held liable for the damages suffered.
• Animal Keepers – Places responsible for keeping and caring for animals, such as kennels, pounds or even animal sitters can be held responsible as the animal was in their care at the time of the attack.
• Parents of Minors – If the owner of the animal is under 18, in many cases, the victim can bring a legal claim against the minor’s parents. Even if the parents had no involvement, a claim can still be brought against them.

The Possible Damages you Could Recover

There are a number of damages that you are entitled to recover if you have been attacked and bitten by an animal/dog, depending upon the seriousness of injuries sustained. Injuries from bites, like any other form of personal injury result in medical bills, stress, loss of wages and pain and suffering and as such, deserve a fair compensation to recover damages. If you are bitten by an animal, you may be entitled to recover for:

•Property damage – If the animal in question invaded your property and attacked you, causing damage to your property in the process.
•Medical costs – The obvious result of any injuries suffered.
•Lost wages – Serious injuries can result in substantial lost wages, depending on where the injury is located.
•Pain and suffering – Is the injury so serious as to leave lasting damage like scarring? If so, you are entitled to pain and suffering damages.

In some cases, when the owner of the animal was particularly irresponsible, you may also be entitled to punitive damages. These damages are awarded as a punishment to the animal’s owner for their recklessness or carelessness. For example, if a dog owner knew his dog was vicious, yet allowed it to roam free without a leash in highly populated areas, resulting in your injury, the jury could award punitive damages.

Why the Gomez Law Firm is Right for You

The Gomez Law Firm excels in these types of cases as our firm is dedicated to Personal Injury cases only. This means that over a sixteen year-span, we have gained a considerable amount of experience. Jorge L. Gomez has represented thousands of clients for all this time and in the process has also been involved in over fifty jury trials. If you or someone you know has been bitten by an animal, your case needs to be evaluated to deduce whether or not you are entitled to damages. Contact our law firm today at (713) 868 5528 for a free consultation. Together, we will build a case to ensure your legal rights are protected.