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Gomez Law Firm Victories

At Gomez Law Firm, we are gratified to know that our work with personal injury law has helped a client through a difficult time.  Gomez Law Firm provides legal services for all of Texas.  The following comments are from some of our clients:

“At such a difficult time, Jorge represented me the best possible way. He was always at reach, he focused on my case like it was the most important and he kept me informed at every stage of the process so no decision was made without my involvement.

Jorge is a very hard worker, his knowledge of the law and my case made me feel comfortable and at ease.

Once again thanks for all your hard work, the experience & professionalism of you & your staff will always be appreciated.

I am truly a satisfied customer and I highly recommend you to any friends or family that need a great attorney that really cares.”

KM Houston, Texas

“I’m a UK citizen who has residency in Thailand. Back in January 2014, I was working offshore Malaysia when I suffered a serious injury, leaving me requiring a double cervical fusion & a double lumbar fusion & unable, for the foreseeable future, to work.

I communicated with my employer’s ombudsman to find out what was available to me in a way of compensation, for my damages & loss of wages etc. I was told by the ombudsman that she didn’t know of any historical precedence where she could help me with my inquiry.

I contacted lawyers in both Malaysia & Thailand, and although they said they could possibly help, there was a maximum cap to which I could possibly be awarded & I would have to pay the lawyer’s fees up front without any guarantee of success.

I contacted lawyers in the UK but they declined the case due to its complexity.

After many months of rejection or no guarantees of success, my Wife found a lawyer in Houston with an internet search, who in turn introduced me to Mr. Gomez.

I found Mr. Gomez to be very polite, professional & straight forward. He made no promises, other than the, ‘no win, no fee’.

During my association with Mr. Gomez I found him very prompt, proficient & his knowledge of the offshore oil industry, vast. And even with the time difference between Bangkok & Houston, he would often answer my e-mails straight away & on weekends too. His dedication to my cause & betterment was second to none.

Eventually, the company I worked for asked if I was willing to attempt mediation & with Mr. Gomez’s blessings, my wife & I traveled to Houston & after many months of e-mails & phone calls back & forth I finally got to meet Mr. Gomez & his staff.

From the very beginning when Mr. Gomez took my case he made me feel as though I was special & that mine was the only case he was working on, which I know is far from the truth because, in reality he works on many cases but, I was never left feeling that my case was any less important than any of the other cases he was working on.

Mediation was successful & I came away with a package that would set me up until my retirement age & beyond.

I would like to add, I made a silly joke about lawyers whilst in Mr. Gomez’s company, to which he took offense. I was taken back a little, because I meant no harm but I could see that it hurt Mr. Gomez. I know he was hurt because he had put a lot of time & effort into my case & for my eventual betterment. At that moment Mr. Gomez changed my philosophy about lawyers, the law & how it works. I am better off financially for Mr. Gomez’s involvement in my case & I have a greater respect for lawyers too.

Gomez Law Firm are a credit to a service that gets too little respect until it’s required to do a service. I would have no apprehension in recommending Gomez Law Firm to anyone requiring a lawyer’s services.

A very satisfied customer,

ST Bankok, Thailand

Many of my friends have had negative and difficult experiences with their attorneys. Because of this, I was very hesitant to obtain one for my accident. However, from the moment I consulted attorney Jorge Gomez until the end of my case, I had such a wonderful experience with him. Mr. Gomez was very professional and knowledgeable. I never had to tell him anything twice and he always answered my questions until I was satisfied. He consistently kept me apprised of my case and consulted with me on all major decisions. He spoke to me very fluently in both English and Spanish depending on my comfort level.

I observed Mr. Gomez in a jury trial and saw exactly why he is considered one of the best plaintiffs trial lawyers in Houston. I could tell he knew his case and the law inside and out and connected very well with the jury. He is a great advocate and is very comfortable in the court room. He is not afraid to go to trial like many other attorneys. I strongly believe that for this reason he obtained such a high settlement in my case. Now I understand that an attorney with a strong trial reputation goes a very long way. If I ever need an attorney again, I will not hesitate to contact Mr. Gomez and always recommend him to my dearest friends and family. I could not be more satisfied with my experience with Mr. Gomez and the settlement he obtained for me.”

NL Houston, Texas

Jorge Gomez is a dedicated professional, who took the time to listen and understand the argument I brought forward. Not only is he a good listener, he is empathetic as well. These are key characteristics for not only a good attorney, but a great one! This was my first time through this process, and Jorge worked diligently with me to prepare. He even took time away from his family to ensure I understood what was expected of me, and so that I would be ready. The case was a tough one to prove, yet he believed in me and in the lawsuit. I had such a wonderful experience with the Gomez Law Firm. Jorge understood what I wanted from the beginning, and he worked intensely to prove my case. I truly wanted to make a difference with the case, for change to occur so no one else would get hurt. I am happy to report this is exactly what happened!

TM The Woodlands, Texas

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